Symington – Bomfim

Quinta do Bomfim is one of the Douro Valley’s finest vineyards and it represents the heart of the company’s greatest Ports, having provided the main structure for Dow’s Vintages since it was acquired in 1896. The property is situated in the centre of the best wine-producing area, which offers an ideal balance for achieving great wines. A few steps away from Pinhão train station and the pier, Quinta do Bomfim provides unique moments of proximity to the river with stunning vineyard landscape around.

The wine tourism has a small museum; access to the cellar with mechanical presses and aging warehouse, dating from the nineteenth century; tasting room with outdoor terrace; reception room for special tasting and events; and also vineyard tours from 20 minutes up to 1:30. There are several possibilities of tastings and a tour through the vineyards which will surely be an unforgettable experience. The visitors can take a picnic hamper with them and have  a break at the Echo House where there are facilities to enjoy their meal whilst contemplating the beautiful Bomfim vineyards and the surrounding breathtaking scenery.