The owners of the property, a French family with a passion for Portugal which believes in the tourist potential of the Douro Valley, faced the challenge of the project with the firm belief that the soul of this house had to be returned to its place, by creating the perfect harmony between the traditional setting and today’s demanding standards of comfort.

Based on the ruin characteristics, the architecture respected the Douro Valley traditions, keeping most of the original schist stones.

In order to bring additional comfort to the guests, a contemporary area was built as an extension of the main building.


We minimize the environmental impact without neglecting your comfort 
The environmental concern in this rural area is always present since the beginning of the ruin reconstruction.
With small and simple gestures and the right choices of equipment and materials, we tried to create a comfortable villa together with a healthier environment.

The villa features several eco-friendly devices:
Solar panels for water heating
Isolating solutions using double walls and insulating panels in the roof
Saving devices for sanitary waters
Lightning and energy efficiency
Recycling bins for waste management
Pool water daily treatment with salt
Building materials and techniques with low environmental impact

The Douro Valley deserves our effort to keep its Nature safe.