The Douro Valley - Portugal

N.º 3 The Wines

In the riverside the vineyards give life to the wines that for so long represent the Douro region in Portugal as well as abroad. Wine lovers come from all over the world to experience the outstanding blend of flavors, colors and ages.
The exquisite quality of the noblest grapes along with the special climate of the region offer a genuine character to the wines. Highlight to the Port Wine, so much appreciated for its unique features and responsible for the oldest demarcated wine region in the world.
In the many wine estates of the region, the Quintas, tourists may visit the vineyards and the cellars, as well as tasting the great variety of wines produced. In September, when the terraces fill up with people working and every hand is welcome, tourists can also experience the tasks of making the wine, starting in by the picking of the grapes, treading them in the winepress and finally tasting the first wine of the season.