A ruin, heritage and passion Casa de Gouvães was rebuilt from an early 19th century ruin. It was not possible to find documents to determine its age, but it is certainly one of the oldest in the village. The house was the residence and workplace of one of the most[…]


The owners of the property, a French family with a passion for Portugal which believes in the tourist potential of the Douro Valley, faced the challenge of the project with the firm belief that the soul of this house had to be returned to its place, by creating the perfect[…]


Casa de Gouvães is now a charming holiday villa with 3 bedrooms and the possibility to accommodate 3 extra guests. A beautiful swimming pool and lovely terraces share the stunning views over the magnificent vineyard landscape of the Douro Valley. In every piece of the classic decoration, one can imagine[…]

the villa

Rebuilt from a ruin of the 19th century, Casa de Gouvães is perfectly inserted in the Douro Valley’s winery landscape. The ancient schist stones and the balcony overlooking the wine slopes are the starting line to discover the elegance and refinement of this lovely villa. Inside one can feel the[…]

Vineyard bedroom

Vineyard. The endless green that covers the slopes makes you wonder. What a glorious land, so wild and so prosperous… When the grapes are ready, the green turns red And you wonder… what a mysterious Nature we have here… Double room Private bath Hairdryer Air-conditioning and heating Warmth blanket Panoramic balcony WiFi Internet

the kitchen

A typical kitchen of the Douro Valley. Preferring the woods and warm colors, the kitchen of Casa de Gouvães is proud of its picturesque character and invites you to discover the flavours of the regional products. Fully equipped to make you feel at home, the kitchen will give you inspiration[…]

the games room

The games room opens wide to the swimming pool area, overlooking the beautiful landscape of the Douro Valley. Here and there an object of the old days will bring in sweet memories, in contrast with the modern snooker table and the flat screen. You will simply feel that time flies…[…]

Vintage bedroom

Vintage. The jewel in the Port wine crown, patiently aging in the bottle… What a charm! From the intense ruby to the rich golden brown, the complexity is simply superb… Can you feel the delicious plenitude of ripe fruit aromas and flavours?   Double room Private bath Hairdryer Air-conditioning and heating[…]

Velvet bedroom

Velvety. Having rich flavor and a silky, sumptuous texture. Such a perfect description of the Douro wines is an invitation one cannot refuse. Have a taste… Twin beds room Private bath Hairdryer Warmth blanket Air-conditioning and heating Wifi Internet

the pool and chill out

In the swimming pool of Casa de Gouvães, the sunny days get a special colour, a charming blue. With the Nature all around and the Douro Valley ahead, here the moments of leisure are unique. We leave you a suggestion: bring a fresh drink and embrace the sun in the[…]